Student protestors should learn lessons from Martin Luther King

As someone who has already accrued debts from student loans at undergraduate level en route to my PhD studentship, I fully support the decision by students across the country to demonstrate against tuition fee increases. Thousands of students who paid undergraduate fees at the current level of £3290 leave university with debts of £25,000. So…

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Phil Woolas, not Harriett Harman is a disgrace

Labour backbenchers who called Harriett Harman “a disgrace” for saying that Phil Woolas had no future in the party, demonstrate that the Labour Party is still in need of a major overhaul. The irony of the backbenchers’ choice of words is that the former immigration minister, who resorted to lies and racism in a desperate…

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Independent school applies for free school status to deliver educational success

An independent school in South London established 18 years ago, is applying to become a free school under the new government initiative to break the cycle of under-achievement by black pupils. The Positive Mental Attitude Community College (PMACC) in Deptford, was founded in 1996, and evolved from a former structure that provided both leisure and…

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Diane Abbott right to call for race and gender checks on job cuts

Labour leadership contender MP Diane Abbott, has called for ethnic and gender monitoring of public sector job cuts to ensure that minority communities are not disproportionately affected – and I think she’s right. Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, Abbott warned that given the large concentration of people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds in…

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