Changing Lives: Women, inclusion and the PhD

Changing Lives is a refreshing deviation from the many books that go through the technical and practical aspects of embarking on a PhD. As I prepare to start my own doctoral study in three months time, I was interested to read a book that allows you to share the stories of six women who took…

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A Piece of Cake: A Memoir by Cupcake Brown

A Piece of Cake is an emotional and gritty true story of how a series of unfortunate events throws an innocent 11 year old head first into adulthood. This incredible tale begins in January 1976, in San Diego where a young Cupcake Brown tragically discovers her mother’s dead body. As if that wasn’t enough to…

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The Dark Sahara by Jeremy Keenan

Since the dawn of time, the Sahara has been a place generating both feelings of attraction and fear. The immensity of the desert, the endless sandy dunes, and the scorching sun have Recently the Sahara has regularly been mentioned in the media for its geostrategic position and natural resources, which have led the way to…

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The Secret Life of Words How English Became English

In a comprehensive evaluation of the English language, this entertaining book is more than just a survey of where English is spoken and why it has become the lingua franca of the global community. Henry Hitchings, a Cambridge University academic, traces the development of the language of the island of Britain from its origins in…

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Fathers and daughters: an anthology of exploration

This book is what it says on the cover – a collection of 19 stories about fathers, daughters, their relationships and the memories evoked as a result, whether these be amicable, strained, unrecognisable or displaying undying admiration, loyalty or betrayal. The difference is that these fathers and daughters are African – from Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan,…

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