A male perspective on black women with natural hair

I am writing this comment to in regards to the somewhat general perception that we black men only seem to appreciate  black women with relaxed, weaved or any other type of straight "good hair".

Personally I find black women with natural hair extremely attractive and really wish there were more sistas out there that did so. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that if you choose to relax or weave  your hair that you are not attractive – but the beauty of  black women with natural hair is so underated.

It's reached the point where I find it very difficult as a single black man in London to find single black ladies with their own natural hair. Where do these ladies hang out?

I see the odd natural sista here and there (unfortunately they always seem to have a partner) but I always seem to meet them by chance.

So ladies if you could help  a brother out – I am single black male, 36 years old and I am seeking a Nubian Lady with natural hair for some companionship and if things really work out mabe something more.

I've tried dating sites but no such luck. Again – nothing wrong with relaxed hair, but that's not what I am looking for.

Any advice that you can give me on where to locate single natural -haired ladies (preferableyones who don't smoke)  would be much appreciated.

Take care and stay blessed.



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  1. Hello Dennis,
    We are everywhere. My afro tends to be hidden underneath my corn rows because it’s not so easy to manage. Unfortunately, I live in Manchester but good luck with your search x

  2. Hi Athena,

    Do you know any sistas in London?

  3. Hi Dennis,

    I’m a single female with natural hair living in London. Great location for your article as you will be inundated with many natural ladies although I agree with you as I rarely come across other naturals when I’m out and about.

  4. Hi Deniss
    I tend to see a lot of natural hair sisters at live music events.. genres – neo soul, conscious hip-hop, jazz etc! I’m finding that there are more and more natural sisters in London these days – we are everywhere. Standing in London Bridge station a couple of weeks ago and within 10 minutes 4 natural sisters walked past!

    All the best with your search. Try jazz refreshed at Mau Mau bar, portobello road. šŸ˜‰

  5. Hi Antoinette,

    Thank you for your comments. My experience has been similar to Sadie in so far “I rarely come across other naturals when Iā€™m out and about”. Are their any other suggestions other than Bars? What about theatre’s or cinimas, parks, Thw West End even (dare I say) Tesco’s or Asda, come ladies where do you go…

  6. Hi Ladies,

    An anominous person sent me a link to an upcoming event. The link is here http://www.thecalabashhub.com/blog/

    What are the chances of me meeting someone here? what do you think ladies?

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