New book examines why Britain has become such a diverse country

When the London riots of August 2011 started to spread across different parts of the country, people questioned whether or not the riots were really about the shooting of a young black man by the police.

That is open to debate, but what is unquestionable is that there are segments of society that are disengaged from the mainstream. With some people looking at the riots as just the latest in a series of passing incidents, others were concerned about the levels of discontent that are likely to be reflected across the country for years to come.

Susan Popoola’s latest book, Consequences:Mosaic to Diverse Britain represents a journey to gain some understanding into what it is that leads everyday people to support the BNP, the National Front or other similar parties or groups. She examines how Britain has come to be such a diverse country and looks into how we ultimately need to live and work together.

Susan says: “My objective in writing this book is not to provide a complete historical account. Rather, my hope is to create a greater awareness and understanding of the issues in order to encourage people to look beyond the surface, openly discuss the issues and seek solutions.”

About the Author

Susan Popoola has established a successful career primarily as a human resources capital optimisation specialist. She has worked on numerous private, public and voluntary sectors HR related projects. She owns her own human resources consultancy, Conning Towers and its subsidiary, Leverage Points, which is focused on social and community research and development. Susan is also the author of Touching the Heart of Milton Keynes.

Feedback on the Book

“Susan meticulously quotes her sources to prove that her opinions (of which she is not  slow in putting forward) are bedded in thorough research yet she is mindful that the reader may not want to be bogged down in technicalities or mental gymnastics. This is an easy read, with self-contained chapters that can be dipped in & out of with consummate ease. It does not set itself up to be the last word on political economics, rather a social commentary on the world we see today as lived in contemporary Britain.” Kriss Akabusi

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