Women encouraged to start their own business in the creative sectors

A Ladies Day event held on March 9 aimed to encourage women within the creative sector to start their own business by celebrating established female entrepreneurs.

Celebrating the Creativity of Women was the theme of the event organised by 2Inspire Network, which coincided with International Women’s Day, which provided newly established entrepreneurs within the creative industries with a platform to showcase their work to the public.

The talent on display was produced by writers, singers, stylist, designers, and many other areas within the creative sector.

Newly established entrepreneur and founder of 2Inspire Network, Hazel Chawaplwa, told People with Voices:

“Our ladies day event is one of the platforms that we provide to empower, promote and inspire women. Our events really are a showcase for budding and established female entrepreneurs; particularly those in the creative sector.

 “Some businesses owners had only just launched their products and services and felt that The Ladies Day was a superb entry to market. The day is full of positive messages and is a prime example of women working together and supporting each other, which is the foundation of the network.”

The most recent statistics from the Women’s Enterprise Task Force report highlights that women make up 29 per cent of self-employed businesses in the UK with 15 per cent of the 4.8 million enterprises in the UK led by women.

Stairways to growth, Supporting the ascent of Women’s Enterprise in the UK, another report on women-led  businesses states that men are twice as likely to be entrepreneurially active than women.

The Ladies Day event also included a range of workshops covering topics on business, lifestyle and personal development, enabling attendees to find inspiration through the creative work of female entrepreneurs, as well as gaining useful information on setting up a successful business.

Aspiring female entrepreneur Khali Popoola told People With Voices:

“It was nice to witness so many women, in particular young women who owned their own business. For a long time I was doubtful about my ability to go into business and Saturdays event definitely gave me a much needed confidence booster, to know that if they can do it, then so can I. As a result, I've set a date for the launch of my company and it will be June this year.”


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