Organic pretenders: hair care products that are not from Mother Nature

Whether due to skin or scalp irritation or greater consciousness about the potential dangers of some chemicals, more and more black women are seeking out organic products for their hair, and cosmetics companies are blatantly exploiting this demand by misrepresenting their products through deceptive marketing strategies. According to French hair and beauty products company L’Oréal,…

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Coalition really has ‘lost the plot over higher education’

This week Oxford dons passed a vote of no confidence in higher education minister David Willetts for the first time in history and The Public Accounts Committee rebuked the coalition for its staggering miscalculation over tuition fees that will leave a massive funding gap. It’s hardly surprising that the UCU has accused the coalition of…

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New Humanities College is a step in the wrong direction for social mobility

The irony of a private university specialising in the humanities with fees of £18,000 a year being launched just weeks after London Metropolitan University announced plans to slash its own arts and humanities courses, has not been lost on critics who have already attacked the plans. But sadly, many of London Met’s students who will…

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Mass closure of courses at London Met is a violation of human rights

Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: ‘Everyone has the right to Education’ and ‘Higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.’ At London Metropolitan University, where Vice Chancellor Michael Gillies plans to summarily close 70 per cent of its courses, these rights are being grossly violated….

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