The British government must compensate Mau Mau Veterans for colonial atrocities

It’s been more than sixty years since the British government invaded Kenya in the name of the British Empire, after abandoning African enslavement when it was no longer profitable, in favour of colonial conquests. During this period, many thousands of Africans suffered, physically, mentally and economically – and continue to do so to this very…

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Women encouraged to start their own business in the creative sectors

A Ladies Day event held on March 9 aimed to encourage women within the creative sector to start their own business by celebrating established female entrepreneurs. Celebrating the Creativity of Women was the theme of the event organised by 2Inspire Network, which coincided with International Women’s Day, which provided newly established entrepreneurs within the creative industries…

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Early counselling may prevent depression for patients with a long term illness

“It is known that all illnesses have a psychological impact. The impact of the particular illness on the person depends on the individual’s perception of the illness as well as its severity.” The report Twice as likely- Putting long term conditions and depression on the agenda published last year, highlights that depression is two to…

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What next for Mali?

It has been three weeks since the beginning of French intervention in Mali. The largest northern towns have now been seized by the French Malian coalition. Today, a few questions emerge as to what happens next.  In January 2012, the National Movement of Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), an independence Touareg movement, launched an attack against…

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