A childhood love of fairy tales fuelled interest in creative writing

Welcome to the first of our features profiling new authors. Yasmin is a journalism graduate with seven years’ journalism experience who has decided to venture into creative writing.

She says:  “As a little girl in primary school I was always compelled to write short stories based on finding my prince and having a fairy tale wedding. Yes I read Cinderella too many times. Writing has always been a major part of my life, especially writing poetry which acted as a therapeutic remedy for me being able to deal with family issues and being diagnosed with systemic lupus.

“People write for many different reasons but I write because I was born to. I write in my sleep, on the bus and everywhere I go.  It is my God-given passion and talent to use and share with the world.”

The main character in Yasmin’s first novel is drawn largely from her own experience and is her way of becoming the fairy tale princess she often read in stories as a young girl. Of her ‘heroine’ she says:

“Ruth Brown is her name and 25 is her age but her innocent- looking baby face tells another story. She is far from perfect and no longer a baby in body, age and mind. Living in busy London, Ruth is a modern day Christian woman with traditional values. However,  a downward spiral of traumatic relationships forces her to re-think her values and forces the question of whether she should wait for Mr Right or settle for Mr Right Now.”


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