Foul play beats fair play in FIFA elections

FIFA president Sepp Blatter kicked off his re-election campaign at the start of May, declaring zero-tolerance on the match fixing he claims “shakes the very foundations of sport.” A month later the foundations of his organization have been thoroughly jolted: not by manipulated results on the pitch, but by the fixing of deals and backhanders…

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TV Review: BBC Two:Lord Sugar Tackles Football

There is a familiar feeling to things as the opening titles roll. Sweeping shots of London’s skylines. Check. Dramatic, mood setting music. Check. Shiny Rolls Royce, personalised plate and bearded businessman. Check, check and check. That man Lord Alan Sugar is back on our screen but this time the programme in question isn’t The Apprentice….

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Why FIFA’s anti-racism talk is so cheap

The World Cup in South Africa was widely recognised as an example of sport’s ability to unite different cultures. Indeed, football’s governing body used the tournament to make a big show of their commitment to driving racism out of the game. Team captains gave speeches to the crowd in support of FIFA’s anti-racism campaign before…

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