Raising awareness and understanding on organ donation will save African Caribbean and Asian lives in the UK

“I appreciate life so much more now than before and thank God every day for life because without having dialysis I would already be dead.” Gwen Lewis, quoted above, was diagnosed with double kidney failure following an operation a few years ago. Whilst receiving treatment in hospital for an infection she caught as a result…

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Early counselling may prevent depression for patients with a long term illness

“It is known that all illnesses have a psychological impact. The impact of the particular illness on the person depends on the individual’s perception of the illness as well as its severity.” The report Twice as likely- Putting long term conditions and depression on the agenda published last year, highlights that depression is two to…

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A most disturbing history of black mental health

Drapetomania was the name given to the ‘mental illness’ that numerous enslaved Africans demonstrated by running away from the European slave-masters who were abusing them. As far as white doctors in the 1860’s were concerned, human beings were mentally ill if, when physically abused and tortured, they chose to escape. If this concept is hard…

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