Feature-based ads are good PR

Whatever the industry sector, in the current economic climate competition for customers is fierce and in the 21st century digital age, banner ads are past their sell-by date.

They are expensive and irritating to many site visitors and once the same ad has been viewed once on many websites there is little motivation to click on it.

In fact internet users are so annoyed by banner and pop-up ads that they regularly enable pop-up blockers on their web browsers and use free browser extensions like Ad Blocker to avoid seeing any banner ads at all.

It is hardly an effective way to build interest in your products and services. Research has consistently shown that internet users switch back and forth between different websites and whilst surfing the net are frequently watching TV or listening to the radio.

So how is the best way to gain the attention of potential customers? One way of building audience engagement is through feature-based advertising. Advertorials, as they are referred to in the communications industry, combine professional editorial skills with marketing of products and services.

Research from the British Market Research Bureau finds that people who read the news online have a higher average income than the average internet user. This means news readers have more spending power.

However, online newsreaders are very discerning and will not read any article labelled as ‘news’. Furthermore, since many internet users locate topics of interest through aggregator sites like Google News, it is likely that the majority of news articles on the web will not even hit their radar.

People With Voices has the advantage here of professional expertise in journalism and PR combined with the status of Google News publisher. This means that all of our articles appear in Google News under standard news categories enabling them to be found by discerning online news readers with spending power.

We use our journalistic knowledge and skills to find a suitable story and angle to link with your products or services, helping to build audience engagement.

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