SupaKids to take to the stage at London’s Park Theatre

SupaKids are set to show the London public that they are more than just runners up in their one night only production of Addiction on May 26 at 7.30pm at the newly opened Park Theatre in Finsbury Park.

Drama school sensation SupaKids, established in 2008 by Actress and playwright Sophia Roomes, were recent runners up at the Spirit of London awards hosted by London Mayor Boris Johnson, and were invited to attend 10 Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister.

Members of SupaKids who range in age from seven to 16 will be showcasing their drama skills in front of their largest audience to date which includes acting agents as well as ordinary members of the public.

Addiction, written and directed by Roomes, follows a group of young individuals who are sent to a boot camp to deal with their various life addictions such as drug and alcohol abuse.

During their stay at the boot camp audiences are able to witness some of the factors driving the addictions that have afflicted the young characters and the impact on their families.

The play also demonstrates the challenges for young people living with parents that are battling with various addictions. In a creative way it allows the audience to see the effects of addiction from a young person’s perspective and the play ends with an open interpretation of whether the boot camp was a success or not.

Speaking about the broader aims of the play beyond entertainment, Roomes told People With Voices:

“This play creatively uses drama to discuss some of the most troubling and real issues experienced by many young people and families in today’s society.

“It is not always easy to detect or discuss addiction issues with adults and is even harder to do so with young people. This play is special as it entertains as well as educates families on how to tackle these addictions.”

At the SupaKids drama school, young people are trained through improvisation workshops where their confidence and self-esteem are pushed to a higher level, enhancing their personal development both on and off the stage.

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