Book Review: Grow it by Chicoro

Sometimes the best advice comes not from experts and professionals but from someone who has trodden a path and gained experience, wisdom and understanding along the way that has tremendous merit and value. In academia we call this ‘experiential learning’ and often award university credits in recognition. Chicoro’s Grow It serves as a perfect example…

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Book Review: Nigger for Life by Neal Hall, M.D

Nigger for Life is an insightful anthology of poems that both document and articulate Hall’s experience as a black man in the U.S and in an uncompromising and unapologetic style of delivery, asserts that you cannot escape the confines of race, hence the title of the book. When I first glanced at the book’s cover…

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Book Review: We’re all journalists now: Scott Gant

Gant’s well-researched book about American journalism advances the debate on who and who is not a journalist in the 21st century. But rather than solicit predictable opinions from both sides of the fence; the Harvard-educated media and corporate lawyer enacts the First Amendment as the ultimate weapon in settling the argument. As someone outside the…

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