The British government must compensate Mau Mau Veterans for colonial atrocities

It’s been more than sixty years since the British government invaded Kenya in the name of the British Empire, after abandoning African enslavement when it was no longer profitable, in favour of colonial conquests. During this period, many thousands of Africans suffered, physically, mentally and economically – and continue to do so to this very…

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UK Naturals to watch: Kathryn Onomakpome

At the ‘Naturally Fabulous’ event I attended last Saturday organised by The Natural Lounge and Naptural Roots magazine, I not only had the pleasure of socialising and exchanging hair stories with fellow naturals, I also met some very talented women each with their own unique skills who are part of the growing natural hair community…

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Book Review: Grow it by Chicoro

Sometimes the best advice comes not from experts and professionals but from someone who has trodden a path and gained experience, wisdom and understanding along the way that has tremendous merit and value. In academia we call this ‘experiential learning’ and often award university credits in recognition. Chicoro’s Grow It serves as a perfect example…

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