Curiosity has a major influence on academic performance

A new study published in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science has revealed that curiosity plays a significant role in academic performance, and traits like curiosity are as important as intelligence in determining how well a student will perform. Intelligence is important to academic performance, but is not the whole story. Brilliant students sometimes fail…

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Inconsistency and behavioural problems in schools

It was recently reported in The Telegraph that schools are being issued with checklists designed to root out the worst behaviour offenders and ensure staff reward well-behaved children. Inconsistency is certainly the main cause of behaviour difficulties in children. This is the case with parenting and is no different in schools. Children know exactly what…

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Coalition really has ‘lost the plot over higher education’

This week Oxford dons passed a vote of no confidence in higher education minister David Willetts for the first time in history and The Public Accounts Committee rebuked the coalition for its staggering miscalculation over tuition fees that will leave a massive funding gap. It’s hardly surprising that the UCU has accused the coalition of…

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New Humanities College is a step in the wrong direction for social mobility

The irony of a private university specialising in the humanities with fees of £18,000 a year being launched just weeks after London Metropolitan University announced plans to slash its own arts and humanities courses, has not been lost on critics who have already attacked the plans. But sadly, many of London Met’s students who will…

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