Inconsistency and behavioural problems in schools

It was recently reported in The Telegraph that schools are being issued with checklists designed to root out the worst behaviour offenders and ensure staff reward well-behaved children. Inconsistency is certainly the main cause of behaviour difficulties in children. This is the case with parenting and is no different in schools. Children know exactly what…

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Conference aims to facilitate informed opinion on sexuality in Jamaica and the Caribbean

An upcoming conference at Warwick University in October 2011 is calling for papers with the aim of facilitating informed opinion on sexuality in Jamaica and the English speaking Caribbean. The title of the conference, Emerging Sexualities and Race: Responses to Sexuality in Jamaica and the English Speaking Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora, hints that it is…

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Job insecurity and prejudice forcing Africans to leave Northern Ireland

Recent reports in the media have indicated that there are a growing number of African people returning to their motherland from Europe because of high levels of job insecurity. Common convention especially within some right-wing migration discourses; often describe the African bit of the South-North travel as an economic experience inspired by a one-way ticket…

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