Going the extra mile to support black films

It is well known that television channels have a habit of screening positive black films very late at night. Similarly cinemas have a habit of only screening such films very seldomly or not at all. Given these realities, what can be done to support black films and encourage the accurate portrayal of people of African…

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Captain America’s black history

Captain America's movie origins involve being the subject of experiments by a kindly German doctor who escaped Nazi barbarism. It is a well-known fact that the Nazis performed atrocious experiments on human beings (injecting people's eyes to turn them blue or freezing them to death to see how long it took). But it is less…

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Music Review: ONB in London

L’Orchestre National de Barbès (ONB) always brings its share of excitement as a band that was born on stage. Their first album was recorded live and remains their top selling to date. Their concert last month was their first performance in London since 2003. They didn’t disappoint, managing yet once again to galvanise their fans…

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