Africa’s Third Liberation is underway

Africans, the general masses, the youth, intelligentsia, opposition politicians, religious leaders, students, and trade unionists have finally woken up from the yoke of oppression, the previously untouchable regimes that have ruled them since those days of political independence from Europe. Without any hesitation, this is Africa’s Third Liberation being spoken in the revolutionary languages that…

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Black, Jewish and second class

Are Falasha Jews still treated purely as the black ‘other’ and therefore racially insignificant in the Jewish Nation? For just under 10 years between 1984 and the early nineties, a culturally distinct ethnic, nomadic community were evacuated to Israel from Ethiopia. In many contested debates it is argued that the Falasha Jews were brought to…

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Single women celebrate freedom on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is more targeted at married women and those in relationships but single women still celebrate the day, our special survey has revealed. We spoke to 15 women who were both single and in relationships, between the ages of 18 and 45 and found that women who are in a relationship or married expect…

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